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Silver from the China Mint

The China Mint, also known as the China Gold Coin Corporation (CGCC), has solidified its reputation as a major player in the world of numismatics and precious metals production. Established in 1987, the mint has swiftly risen to prominence, reflecting China's rich history and cultural heritage through its exquisite coinage.

Silver Panda Coin Series

One of China Mint's most renowned contributions is the Silver Panda coin series, first introduced in 1983. These coins feature annually changing designs of the beloved panda, an emblematic symbol of China's culture and natural beauty. This dynamic design approach not only captivates collectors but also highlights the mint's commitment to artistic innovation. Struck in .999 fine silver, the Silver Panda coins showcase meticulous detailing that brings each design to life. Available in various sizes, the Silver Panda coins cater to a diverse audience, combining aesthetic allure with precious metal investment.