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Silver from the Mexican Mint

The Mexican Mint, also known as La Casa de Moneda de México, has a history that spans centuries and is deeply intertwined with the nation's cultural identity and currency heritage. Established in 1535, it holds the distinction of being the oldest mint in the Americas. The mint's legacy is reflected in its commitment to producing coins of exceptional quality and artistic value.

Silver Libertad Coin Series

One of the Mexican Mint's most popular coins is the Silver Libertad series, introduced in 1982. These coins feature the iconic Winged Victory Angel on the reverse, a symbol of Mexico's struggle for independence. The obverse showcases the Mexican National Seal. Struck in .999 fine silver, the Silver Libertad coins exhibit intricate designs that capture the spirit of Mexico's culture and history. Their varying sizes, including 1 oz, 2 oz, 5 oz, 10 oz, and 1 kg, as well as fractional sizes, cater to both collectors and investors seeking to acquire tangible pieces of Mexican heritage. The Silver Libertad series not only embodies the mint's dedication to producing exceptional bullion coins, but also serves as a striking representation of Mexico's history.