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90% Silver Coins

90% US silver coins, commonly referred to as "junk silver," hold a unique place in the world of precious metals. These 0.900 fine silver coins, minted before 1965, represent a tangible link to the past while offering an accessible and versatile silver investment option.

What is "Junk Silver"?

"Junk silver" is a colloquial term used to describe circulated U.S. silver coins that contain 90% silver content. These coins were minted in denominations such as dimes, quarters, and half dollars before 1965. Despite the term, these coins are far from worthless – they hold intrinsic value due to their silver content and offer a tangible piece of history.

Investing in 90% Silver Coins

With a variety of options available, 90% silver coins offer sizes that can work for a variety of budgets. These bags are sold as the total face value, or US Dollar value of the coins, including a $50 face value bag, $100 face value, $250 face value, $500 face value, and $1,000 face value. These coins were typically circulated, originally produced to be used as US currency, meaning the coins may show wear. Buying 90% US silver coins, or "junk silver," provides the ability to invest in US silver coins with a historical tie.