Live Prices of Gold, Silver, Platinum, and Palladium offers free historical and live gold price, silver price, platinum price and palladium price. Our charts show the real-time spot prices, as well as historical spot prices in various time frames – 24 hours, three days, one month, three months, year-to-date, one year, and five years. Investors use this data to make purchasing and investing decisions.



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Precious metal price charts are useful for historical and technical analysis, price discovery, and to understand market sentiment.

Historical and Technical Analysis 

Our precious metal price charts can be used to track historical prices of gold, historical prices of silver, as well as historical prices of platinum and. Historical prices of precious metals can be used to review trends, and for technical analysis to predict future price moves. This is beneficial for analysts and investors to make informed investment decisions and understand precious metal markets.

Price Discovery and Market Sentiment 

Our precious metal price pages provide real-time gold price, silver price, platinum price, and palladium price. For both new and seasoned precious metal investors, these charts provide key information to understand the current price of precious metals, and to make purchasing and selling decisions. Reviewing historical pricing also helps to review market cycles, volatility, resistance levels, and long-term pricing, to make informed investment decisions and to mitigate risk.