What does "market loss" mean?

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Unlike most other tangible products, the price of precious metals, including gold, silver, and platinum, fluctuates over time in response to a number of factors. [Link article: Why is the spot price increasing/decreasing?] When purchasing precious metals with Bullion.com, as with many reputable industry dealers, we lock in the price of your bullion at whatever the current spot price is the moment you add your bullion to your shopping cart - this is great for you if the spot price continues to rise.  

"Market loss" refers to the decline in the value of these assets in the open market. A market loss occurs when the spot (market) price of gold or precious metals decreases below the purchase price or the previous valuation of the investment. For example, if an investor buys an ounce of gold at a certain spot price and later sells it at a lower price, they would experience a market loss.