Why is some bullion labeled "BU"?

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As you browse our product listings you may notice some of our bullion includes a "BU" notation. The term "BU" stands for "Brilliant Uncirculated." For example, when Silver Eagles or other coins are labeled as BU, it indicates that the coins are in a pristine condition, as if they just came from the mint - literally "mint condition".

BU coins notably exhibit a high level of luster and shine. They have an unblemished reflective surface with a crisp, well-defined design and lettering. This beautiful finish makes BU coins highly sought after by collectors due to their pristine condition and aesthetic appeal.

This term is used in the numismatic and coin collecting community to describe coins intended for collectors rather than circulation. Coins intended for circulation can show signs of wear and may not have the same level of luster and visual appeal as BU coins. To protect these brilliant coins, we package them in protective plastic capsules, coin flips, or tubes to minimize the risk of scratches or imperfections.

When purchasing bullion labeled as BU from Bullion.com, collectors can expect to receive coins that are in excellent condition and suitable for display or inclusion in any collection.