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Gold from the South African Mint

The South African Mint, established in 1890, stands as a historical institution with a significant impact on both numismatics and the global precious metals market. As an institution with a rich history spanning over a century, the mint has played a pivotal role in shaping South Africa's currency and contributing to the global bullion market, with the introduction of the Gold Krugerrand series.

Gold Krugerrand Coin Series

The South African Mint released the 1 ounce Gold Krugerrand coin in 1967, and became established as the world's first modern gold bullion coin. The coin's design features the portrait of Paul Kruger, a former South African president, on the obverse, and the iconic springbok antelope on the reverse. As a symbol of South African heritage, the Gold Krugerrand has transcended its initial investment purpose to become a cultural emblem. Struck in 22-carat gold, the Gold Krugerrand is mixed with copper alloys, giving it a rose-gold hue, and adding to the hardness and durability of the coin. The Gold Krugerrand remains a cornerstone in the portfolios of those who appreciate its historical significance, reliable quality, and enduring investment appeal.