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Available : May 07, 2024
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Australian Silver Kangaroo Coins

The 1 oz Silver Kangaroo coin series from The Perth Mint is a testament to both Australia's unique wildlife and the Mint's commitment to producing high-quality, globally recognized bullion. These 1 oz Silver coins were first released in 2015 with a limited mintage of 300,000. Consecutive annual releases did not have a set mintage but are instead produced throughout the year, until production is ceased to release the new annual release of the coin. Each year, The Perth Mint releases new Silver Kangaroo coins, updated with the year of issue.

The Silver Kangaroo series quickly gained popularity due to its exquisite design, limited mintage, and investment-grade silver content. Struck from 99.99% pure silver, these coins became known for their exceptional purity and fine craftsmanship. The coin's obverse usually features an effigy of Queen Elizabeth II, while the reverse showcases various depictions of kangaroos in different poses, capturing the dynamic essence of Australia's most recognizable marsupial.

What sets the 1 oz Silver Kangaroo coins apart is not only their stunning design but also their innovative approach to security and authenticity. In recent years the Perth Mint has added advanced security features to prevent counterfeits, in the form of a micro-engraved letter.

The Australian Silver Kangaroo coins, with their rich history and ongoing commitment to quality and innovation, stand as a shining example of Australia's natural beauty and the Perth Mint's reputation as a world-renowned producer of precious metal bullion.