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Gold from the Austrian Mint

The Austrian Mint, with its rich history dating back more than eight centuries, stands as a testament to the artistry and tradition of coin production. Established in 1194, it has evolved into a modern institution while maintaining a deep connection to its historical roots.

Gold Philharmonic Coins

Among the mint's notable contributions to the world of numismatics are the Gold Philharmonic coins, introduced in 1989. These coins pay homage to Austria's rich musical heritage, featuring intricate designs of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra and its iconic instruments on the reverse, while the obverse depicts the splendid Great Organ of the Golden Hall in Vienna's Musikverein concert hall. Struck in ..9999 fine gold, these coins are globally recognized for their quality and aesthetic appeal.

Gold Corona Coins

The original 100 Corona coins were introduced in 1908 and were part of a broader monetary reform effort aimed at standardizing currency within the empire. These coins were struck in 0.900 fine gold and contain 0.9802 troy ounces of gold. The Austrian Mint released re-strikes of the popular coin beginning in 1975, with a 1915 date struck on the coins. Austrian Gold Coronas are revered for their historical significance, artistic beauty, and gold content. They have become popular among numismatists and precious metals enthusiasts, reflecting a piece of Austria's rich history and serving as both collectibles and investment vehicles due to their gold value.